Prohibition Of Samsung Note 7 In U.S. Aircrafts

origin_fd34c5fbf25bf684f6d6602ed3eb2d67Samsung Note 7 smartphones can now be seized as well as subjected to a fine under the latest emergency U.S. order. The order brings out explicit restrictions on the use of Samsung Note 7 devices owing to more than 100 fire incidents caused by the device. As per the stringent rules laid by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration as well as the Federal Aviation Administration, the Samsung Note 7 smartphones can no longer be carried to the aircraft even if it remains in an off mode. The restrictions remain the same for each of the 1.9 million Samsung Note 7 retailed in the U.S.

An employee poses for photographs with Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 new smartphone at its store in Seoul An employee poses for photographs with Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7 new smartphone at its store in Seoul, South Korea, September 2, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji/File Photo[/caption]

Considering the safety of the other passengers, Anthony Foxx, the U.S. Transportation Secretary mentioned that catastrophic actions such as confiscation of Samsung Note 7 are being undertaken to prevent more untoward fire incidents. Meanwhile, the Samsung company announced a halt in the production and sales of Samsung Note 7 owing to the recent spate of smoke. The Samsung Note 7 series resulted in awful fire incidents irrespective of replacing the defective lithium ion battery with a good one. Soon, the device was branded as a forbidden and hazardous material. In that way, the Samsung Note 7 series contributed a severe loss to the company.

The latest press release by the U.S. authorities declares that anyone possessing the Samsung Note 7 series will not be allowed to board the aircraft. Violating the ban in the aircraft can lead to criminal prosecution of the subject apart from the fine. After receiving more than 96 reports of fire incidents due to overheating, the Samsung company has decided to go in for a recall of its entire Note 7 series. Of the 96 reports, 47 cases resulted in severe damage to the property. The Samsung company, however, was determined to offer a full refund to its consumers as a remedy.

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