A Glimpse Into The Concept Of Hyperloop


The hyperloop was introduced to the all by Elon Musk. The Entrepreneur brought out this concept in August 2013. The hyperloop is the trademark of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) .This aids in the high-speed transportation. Passengers can travel without having to worry about getting stuck in the traffic or being late for work. This is a very convenient method of transportation.


Basically, the hyperloop is made of reduced-pressure tubes. Pressurized capsules are introduced into these tubes. They ride on air cushions which are driven using linear induction motors as well as air compressors .The speed of these capsules is 700 miles per hour. The first plan was to open a route between Los Angeles and San Fransisco. The estimated time will be 35minutes between the two places.

As Musk was engaged in business concerned with his firms Space X, Solar City and Tesla motors, he could not complete the project. This was then outsourced to those who were ready to take up the challenge. Designs for the capsules and test tracks are being researched and developed A full-scale 8 km track is expected to start operation in 2016. This will help to find the defects in the plan and help to improvise a feasible and safe method of transport.