The Truth Behind Zika Virus And Infection


How many of you know the actual facts about Zika virus?
Given below is the basic information you need to know about this infection.

Origin of the virus

Zika virus was first seen in the Zika forest in Uganda. It was isolated from a Rhesus monkey in 1947.
The virus did not make its appearance for years and then made a dramatic outbreak in 2007 in Yap. This is an island group located in Western Pacific. The disease spread to Brazil and other South American regions at lightning speed. The cause is a mosquito bite from the mosquito family Aedes. Though this mosquito cannot fly long distances, the infection spreads rapidly when infected people travel across the world.


Most of the symptoms are those of Dengue fever. They include
· fever,
· skin rashes,
· conjunctivitis,
· muscle pain
· joint pain,
· malaise,
· headache


Methods of transmission
· Direct mosquito bites
· Sexual transmission
· Blood transfusion
· Exchange of body fluids

Effects of Zika

Pregnant women are at a high risk if they contrive the infection. The fetus is very likely to develop microcephaly. This is a condition wherein the baby comes out with a comparatively smaller head. There are chances for brain damage and neurological disorders. Some infants develop eye defects and immature growth.

Control measures

As of now, there isn’t any vaccine to control the infection. The best method is to control the mosquito population. Adopt all possible methods to prevent mosquitoes from increasing in number. Take measures to avoid mosquito bites. To restrict your travel especially Zika infected areas. If you do go, visit your medical practitioner upon return and take his advice. It is advisable to refrain from sexual activities for at least 6 months if any chance of infection is seen as this is most harmful to pregnant women and the babies in the womb.