Keep Pest Out Of Your Home

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Keep Pest Out Of Your Home

If you want to prevent a pest infestation or if you’re attempting to overcome a pest infestation you already have, the most important thing you can do is keep your home clean and tidy.
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Pests enter your home looking for food and shelter. A messy home encourages pests in several ways. Leftover food, dirty dishes, crumbs, and unfinished drinks in your home look like a buffet meal to pests. They don’t need nearly as much food as you do, and just a little leftover on a plate is enough to encourage pests that found your home to stay and to breed.

A Pest Buffet

Messy homes also provide shelter for pests. Papers or clothes lying about look an awful lot like fallen leaves or other natural shelters that pests would seek out outside. Most bugs, particularly cockroaches, do not want to be seen by you. Clutter gives them plenty of hiding spaces to feel safe and comfortable in your home.

Cleanliness matters for other reasons, too. Vacuum regularly and wipe down your counters and cabinets with soapy water. Pests leave scents in the paths they walk and in their feces that attract others of their species. Yes, if pests are in your house, they’re pooping in your house. Vacuum your carpets to eliminate the feces that attract still more pests. Wipe down your counters and cabinets to eliminate the trails that attract more pests.

The most important habit you can adopt to manage pest problems is to always have the dishes cleaned and the kitchen garbage out before bed each night.

If you need to develop some new habits to get a clean house, consider the following video to help you start:

Simply keeping a tidy home will go a long way to discourage an infestation. If you’re already struggling with an infestation, get your home clean first, then move on to the next step.

Termite Treatment San Antonio – Pest Control

This Blog was posted for you By Your Pest Control San Antonio – Jenkins Pest and Lawn

Termite Damage

As a home or building owner, you need to know that termite damage to your structure can be quite devastating and make that structure dangerous and weakened. Termite damage can be small and subtle, but when you look around your property, it can be a little more obvious especially when you know what to look for. It is a good idea to periodically inspect your property yourself to see if you can find any termite damage. Even better, you may want to employ the use of a professional pest control company to do a termite inspection at least once a year.terminte control - treatment - bait

To be a responsible property owner means that you need to pay special attention to what is happening with your building. So, look for termite damage yourself on a periodic basis and see if you can find any evidence that you may have a termite problem. The key is that you need to know what to look for first and where to look.

Termites eat wood, and they especially love damp wood that is close to the ground, so you need to start looking around the foundation of the structure. Look for swarms of small flying insects since termites tend to swarm at certain times of the year. Also, look for a small white insect that slightly resembles an ant. These are worker termites, and they do the most damage to the wood as they are responsible for gathering the food source for the colony.

Unlike ants, termites do not roam around out in the open. They will either tunnel through the wood (or other material) or else travel inside pencil-size (or larger) mud tubes that they build from the soil, wood particles, and other materials. You will find these tubes on foundation walls, floor joists or other parts of the house. Tubes may also hang from the floor system or may be found protruding from cracks between boards and beams and even through holes termites may chew through sheetrock on walls and ceilings.

If you find evidence of mud tubes, there may be termite damage that is occurring deep inside your home. You should break open the tubes to see if termites are still active. An empty tube doesn’t necessarily mean that termites are gone; they may have simply abandoned this particular tunnel. Termites often rebuild damaged tubes, which is another indication of current activity. ‘Old’ tubes are dry and crumble easily, leaving behind “etching” on the surface that may be visible for years (an indication that a house had termite activity at some time). Without knowing the inspection history of the house, it is impossible to tell or guess at the age of tunnels or etching.

When looking for termite damage, you should also look for small holes and burrow tunnels that are odd in shape and extend along with the wood. Termite damage is easy to recognize when you know what to look for. Be aware that termite damage can be devastating to your building and the problem needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Tree Services – Pruning – Trimming – Removal

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