The Right Choice In Termite Control

Cutting edge technology in termite colony elimination!

Since the mid 1990’s, termite baiting has become a viable option in termite control. Environmentally, it’s sound science. Less product in the environment. Structurally, it’s good too. No drilling into concrete slabs around your home.pest control

We offer only the best termite bait system available – Advance®. Our bait system offers you the biggest bait load available in any containerized termite bait system, which means a constant supply of bait to eliminate the colony quicker than most competing systems. It also means less frequent inspections. Since there’s more bait available, we do not need to monitor monthly, as some systems do. Instead, we can monitor on a Quarterly basis and still get control quickly.

We have actually had termites eliminated within 45 days using the Advance System®! We know of no other termite bait that is as readily accepted or works as fast as Advance®.

How Our System Works:

Stations are installed in the soil around the perimeter of your home, and in areas we find conducive to termite infestation. (The installation process will usually take less than an hour.) These stations are monitored on a set schedule for termite activity. Your bait system will be inspected monthly for the first 3 months. All other visits are done within a 90 day timeframe. We also perform an exterior pest control service at the time of monitoring.

When termites attack a bait station, we apply a bait cartridge into the active station, and termites immediately begin to feed. The active ingredient is a slow-acting insect growth regulator that is passed through the colony members. It also has a secondary mode of action which helps kill the colony quickly.

Here’s The Best Part:

With our Z-Best Termite Bait System, you aren’t tied into a 2-year contract! Instead, we install and monitor the system for 1 year, and you pay an annual renewal cost, just like you would with a conventional liquid treatment. That means you save HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS over the competing bait systems!

As you are well aware, costs for almost everything are going up almost daily. In addition, the cost of a competing bait system averages about $1,200, and it can be much higher for larger structures. Sure, you get a fancy computer generated report, and your technician has a neat looking sensor unit (similar to a metal detector) that he uses to walk around and check your bait stations. But are those two things REALLY worth the extra money? And, get this: After paying that high price, those bait stations still belong to the competing bait system company! You own NOTHING! Not one component of the bait system becomes yours, even though you fork out over $1,000!terminte control - treatment - bait

If you are seriously considering using a bait system to control termites, give us a call. Since we have redesigned our business model, we can offer you this system for literally hundreds of dollars less than our competitor! In fact, we can often install a bait system for 1/2 the cost of a competing system! (Not in all cases, as some situations will differ. We do guarantee that we will beat any comparable bid for a competing bait system.)

It’s your money and your home. Don’t overpay for a system that you will never own. We’ll be happy to come out and give you a no charge, no obligation cost estimate for installing the Advance Termite Bait System®.

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Enjoy Clear Drains and Zero Worries with Our Professional San Antonio Drain Cleaning Service

Enjoy Clear Drains and Zero Worries with Our Professional San Antonio Drain Cleaning Service

When it comes to your drains, you wish you could just snap your fingers and your clogging problems will be gone. Well, it ís not that simple, but you can make your drain clog problems go away in the best possible way when you call us for professional San Antonio drain cleaning service.plumber

We are here to serve our customers in and around San Antonio. When it comes to drain cleaning, we apply the most advanced techniques which will completely clean out and clear out the drain line. Even the most stuck-on debris will get removed and you’ll be left with a drain line that is completely clear. After we’re finished you can enjoy great peace of mind as you won’t need to worry about your drain line again for quite a while to come.

Enjoy clear drains and zero worries with our professional San Antonio drain cleaning service. You can learn more about the professional drain cleaning services we proudly offer along with the range of other professional plumbing solutions we have available when you browse through our website, If you have any questions about any of our professional plumbing services or you’re ready to schedule an appointment, then just give us a call today or you can use the contact form found on our website.



Treating billions of Gallons of Wastewater

Treating billions of Gallons of Wastewater

I think everyone has learnt the knowledge in your primary school, that nature has an amazing ability to cope with small amounts of water wastes and pollution, but it would be overwhelmed if we didn’t treat the billions of gallons of wastewater and sewage produced every day before releasing it back to the environment. That’s why our water resources are seriously polluted and there is no way to control it unless to take some measures for example, to build up a wastewater treatment plant, wastewater treatment plants could help us reduce pollutants in wastewater to a level nature can handle, and control the tense situation. surface aeration
Before we talk about the wastewater treatment plant let together know something about the wastewater, the wastewater is used water. It includes substances such as human waste, food scraps, oils, soaps and chemicals. In homes, this includes water from sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers. Businesses and industries also contribute their share of used water that must be cleaned. So you see, there are nearly hundreds of wastewater when designing the wastewater treatment plant as well kinds of professional wastewater treatment plant equipment we must take all these things into consideration.
Do you guys know there needs some special permissions when build a wastewater treatment plant? Yes, according to the professional regulation in the world, the new EPP2 regulations we know that any plants, if the local government or some private companies, factories want to build a wastewater treatment plant, they must get some permission which is to pass with the EN12566-3 2005 Certification that are allowed to register for the Discharge Permit or Exemption now required by the Environment Agency.
This step is the primary first one in the whole process of building up a comprehensive wastewater treatment plant, then there are still numerable problems people should to consider.
Another question, What’s the aim of building a wastewater treatment plant?
Well, I have concluded the aims of building a wastewater treatment plant in sentence, The major aim of setting up a wastewater treatment plant is to remove as much of the suspended solids as possible before the remaining water, called effluent, is discharged back to the environment. As solid material decays, it uses up oxygen, which is needed by the plants and animals living in the water. water treatment
According to our current processing ability, a medium-sized wastewater treatment plant could remove about 60 percent of suspended solids from wastewater. This treatment also involves aerating the wastewater, to put oxygen back in. if there is dual processing procedure in our wastewater treatment plant, the secondary treatment removes more than 90 percent of suspended solids.
So to conclude in one word, in order to give our offspring a continuing and sustainable earth and developing space, please take care of everything we get from our nature, and vigorously carrying out the plans of building wastewater treatment plants.